Gavin Nachbar, Co-Founder & CEO of Column Tax

PitchIt Podcast 95: Gavin Nachbar, Co-Founder & CEO, Column Tax

On today’s episode, I talk with Gavin Nachbar, Co-Founder & CEO of Column Tax. Please note this episode was recorded live at Fintech Nexus USA 2023.

Gavin Nachbar of Column Tax
Gavin Nachbar of Column Tax

Gavin and I discussed the founding story behind Column Tax, tax refunds versus more money per paycheck, why taxes are so interesting, embedded finance, raising capital, and much more.

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Without further ado, I present Gavin Nachbar, Co-Founder & CEO of Column Tax. I hope you enjoy the show.

Episode highlights include

  • Column Tax founder story
  • Why taxes are so complicated
  • Tax education
  • API accountant
  • The lack of innovation in the tax market
  • Embedded finance
  • Raising capital
  • And much more…

Connect with Gavin on LinkedIn
Connect with Column Tax on LinkedIn

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