PitchIt Podcast #27: Kareem Saleh of FairPlay AI

On Episode 27 I talk with Kareem Saleh of FairPlay. FairPlay is the first Fairness-as-a-Service solution for fair lending compliance that uses AI-powered tools to help assess a lender’s automated decisioning models which can help not only with fairness but as profits as well. You know, Kareem and I dig into what exactly do they mean when it says Fairness-as-a-Service, the types of fairness and inequalities that they’re trying to fix here, you know, racial, gender, economic, all the above.

We also take a pretty deep dive into bias and since algorithms are inherently created by humans, they’ll have some bias in them and so we dig a bit deeper into that and how they are working to essentially limit bias as much as possible. We also dig into the work that Kareem did prior to being a Founder for FairPlay, you know, he worked with retailers, worked in politics in the Obama Administration and so I think it’s a really fascinating and interesting interview, especially when you dig into some of the stuff going on in financial health and wellness today. So, without further ado, Kareem Saleh of FairPlay, I hope you all enjoy the show.

  • Kareem’s Journey to FairPlay
  • The origins of the name FairPlay and how it ties back to the Olympics
  • What they mean by fairness as a service
  • Types of fairness they aim to help fix, including gender and racial bias
  • How to limit bias in algorithms
  • How fair are AI lending models today?
  • What lessons Kareem takes from his time in politics
  • The shifting dynamic of regulators and how different they can be from one administration to the next
  • The current state of financial wellness today
  • Whether or not we are becoming too automated
  • He recommends reading Boss and The Good Fight
  • And more…

Download a PDF transcription of No. 27 Kareem Saleh

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