Danielle Pensack of Rightfoot
On today’s episode, I’m joined by Dani Pensack, Co-Founder & CEO of Rightfoot. Dani and I also discussed the core problems associated with debt repayment, how debt impacts households, her time in Southeast Asia, raising capital, and much more.
Andrew Brown
On today's episode, I was joined by Andrew Brown, Founder & CEO of Check. The Check platform makes embedded payroll possible. Check helps leading companies launch a successful payroll business in a fraction of the time for a fraction of the cost.
Perry Rahbar of dv01
Perry talks about his time in banking and some of the lessons learned from the Global Financial Crisis; dv01 helps to solve some of the structural issues that plagued market participants back then. The insight you get from data, and its transparency allows potential issues to be caught early before they blow into a Lehman-type crisis.