New Survey Says PNC, Chase and Citi are the Most Trusted Banks

According to Business Insider Intelligence’s inaugural Banking Digital Trust study PNC, Chase and Citi scored as the most Ed trusted banks; the most important features when it comes to trust are security, privacy, reputations, reliability, features and ease of use; PNC ranked number one with a score of 87.3 out of 100 with security, privacy and reputation as their best categories; Chase ranked number two with a score of 86.2 out of 100 with reliability, features and ease of use as their best categories; Citi came in third with a score of 85.9 out of 100 with privacy and security as their best categories; people who trusted their banks were twice as likely to open an account at that institution; perhaps the most interesting stat to come out of the survey was PayPal ranking higher than respondents primary bank showing how fintech is a real threat to incumbent banks. Business Insider

  • Emily Donato

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