Networking area at Fintech Nexus USA 2022.
Networking area at Fintech Nexus USA 2022.

Networking opportunities abound at Fintech Nexus USA 2023

Keynotes, tracks, and special events are the big-ticket drivers for many attendees of Fintech Nexus USA. Still, the one-on-one networking opportunities are a bread-and-butter highlight for many past attendees.

Luke Powell of Coromandel Capital LLC said the 2022 edition of Fintech Nexus USA was incredible and should not be missed by anyone involved in the fintech space.

“It was well organized, with incredible networking opportunities. Our firm left with multiple leads that will help expand our business. [I’m] looking forward to the next Fintech Nexus,” Powell added.

Jason Buchanan of Finley Fi Solutions said the 2022 event was the best networking opportunity for fintech professionals.

“I highly recommend synergizing with the best fintech professionals in the industry,” Buchanan added.

Handshake at Fintech Nexus networking table in 2022.
Handshake at Fintech Nexus networking table in 2022.

Customized schedule

Registrants can customize their schedule by adding preferred keynotes and track sessions from the agenda and make note of saved time blocks for one-on-one networking.

The mobile app allows registered attendees to search out preferred contacts and request meetings during specified time slots and meeting tables at the event.

Confirmed registrants will receive an email to join the networking app. Filling in the profile details is important to maximize meeting invite success.

Attendees can search registered contacts by name, location, company name, and more. Users can also review meeting requests and accept or reschedule right in the app. The app also offers business card and lead scanning services for ease of detail swapping. Another cool feature: Users can export their contacts from the app for use elsewhere.

The complete guide to the networking app is embedded below.

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