Marketplace Lending News Roundup – February 14, 2015

During the week I share the latest marketplace lending news on Twitter as it happens. Then every Saturday I take the most interesting news items and blog posts from the past week and share them here.

We Need A Small Business Borrowers’ Bill Of Rights from Forbes – Former White House policy advisor, Brayden McCarthy, calls for more transparency for small business borrowers.

Lending Club’s Newest Deal Fuels Investor Excitement from The Wall Street Journal – The news this week of Lending Club’s deal with BancAlliance caused a bump in investor interest for Lending Club’s stock.

Why Fin-tech is suddenly sexy from Upstart Business Journal – Why the Lending Club IPO could usher in a new boom for Fin-tech companies.

RateSetter Tops Half A Billion in Loans. January Sees Record Amount of P2P Lending from Crowdfund Insider – Ratesetter becomes the third UK P2P lender to top £500 million in loans.

How Lending Club Could Save Community Banks from Money – This writer doesn’t fully grasp Lending Club’s underwriting but it is an interesting premise nonetheless.

Guest post: How peer lending fits into my portfolio from 1500 Days to Freedom – Long time P2P lending investor puts forward an interesting perspective for individual investors.

Leverage Long and Prosper from Blue Elephant Capital – A fascinating explanation of leverage and when investors should consider using it.

Orchard Platform and Mainspring Funding Announce Partnership from Orchard – Orchard is now making equipment finance loans available for its institutional investors.

Payments-tech companies are moving into lending to help businesses grow from Business Insider – Big payments companies like Square and Paypal are moving into lending.

Magic? No, Efficiency from LendingRobot – Operational efficiency is the key advantage that the marketplace lenders have over banks.

Why peer-to-peer lending is such a threat to banks from ComputerWeekly – A look at the growth of the UK P2P lending industry from a technology perspective.

SBA Launches Online Loan Marketplace. What Took It So Long? from Inc. – The SBA has finally recognized that small business owners are now looking online for business loans.

Algorithm Investing – Part 1: What is a Secondary Credit Model? from LendingMemo – An explanation of the difference between investing through filters and through a credit model.

Small Business Financing Infographic: Know Your Loan Options from Dealstruck – Interesting inforgraphic showing small business lending options as well as data on SBA loans.

Peer to Peer Loans, How Do I Love Thee? from P2P Lending Expert – In celebration of Valentine’s Day a love poem about P2P lending.

From the Lend Academy Forum

The Lend Academy forum is where investors go to discuss p2p lending. Below are some topics that were being discussed this week.

Not worth the returns after taxes – Interesting discussion on the impact of taxes on investment returns for P2P lending.

LC is the Next Internet Bubble – There are those who believe that Lending Club is wildly overvalued and headed for a fall.

Loss assumptions – Discussion about the accuracy of the recovery rates that Lending Club publishes.

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