Marketplace Lending News Roundup – April 15


During the week I share the latest marketplace lending news on Twitter as it happens. Then every Saturday I take the most interesting news items and blog posts from the past week and share them here.

How Goldman Sachs Made More Than $1 Billion With Your Credit Score from The Wall Street Journal – The 2012 Goldman Sachs purchase of TransUnion has worked out very well for them.

Leading marketplace lender Funding Circle to stop property lending from AltFi – Interesting development at Funding Circle, they are stopping property lending next year.

London confirmed as fintech world leader from Peer2Peer Finance News – A UK trade body miraculously found London to still be the fintech capital of the world.

Britain’s finance watchdog is worried about ‘wild west’ fintech in some parts of the world from Business Insider – Many countries are adopting regulatory sandboxes to support fintech innovation.

China’s Banking Regulator Clamps Down on Illegal P2P Lending from Yicai Global – The Chinese government rolled out a new policy yesterday aimed at cleaning up the online lending market.

Kabbage Co-Founder & Head Fintecher Kathryn Petralia: Power Lending, Predictions & Progress from Crowdfund Insider – The always interesting Kathryn Petralia of Kabbage on bank partnerships, regulation and the future.

Over 50? Welcome to the New Frontier of Fintech! from Finovate – Financial innovation is not just for millennials. The 50+ crowd is also embracing fintech.

Carney Says Crisis Lessons Are Why BOE Keeps Up With Fintech from Bloomberg – This week the governor of the Bank of England and the Chancellor both came out in support of fintech.

Small businesses hate fintech lenders more than big banks from Financial Times – Interesting analysis by Kadhim Shubber on this week’s Fed report on small business credit.

China: The World’s New Fintech Leader from International Banker – Good explanation as to why China is now the fintech leader of the world.

Ranger slumps as collapsed lender forces write-down from Citywire – The Argon bankruptcy is having an impact on the Ranger Direct Lending Fund.

The LendingClub Investor Mobile App Has Arrived from Lending Club – The official announcement from Lending Club about their new investor app for iOS.

AltFi Data brings needed industry transparency from Bankless Times – Rupert Taylor of AltFi Data is on a crusade to bring more transparency to # marketplace lending.

When blockchain meets online lending: The business using one to improve the other from City A.M. – Here is a fascinating idea. Create a token backed by SME loan cash flows and trade it on an exchange.

Regions recruits CIO from marketplace lender Kabbage from American Banker – Usually it is the other way round. This person just left a fintech platform to take a job at a bank.

How This FinTech CEO Plans To Prosper In 2017 from Forbes – Interesting Q&A with the new Prosper CEO David Kimball.

This Is How Credit Card Companies Hauled in $163 Billion in 2016 from The Motley Fool – This is one of the reasons the debt consolidation industry is so attractive to online lenders.

Activist Steps Up Pressure on On Deck Capital from The Wall Street Journal – OnDeck CEO Noah Breslow and two other board members are under fire from a hedge fund that has acquired a significant stake in the company.

From the Lend Academy Forum

The Lend Academy forum is where investors go to discuss p2p lending. Below are some topics that were being discussed this week.

When will LC next raise rates? – An investor polls the forum on when they think Lending Club will raise rates.

Worst Month Yet – Investors share performance from March.

LC going out of business – Investors chime in on whether they think it’s possible Lending Club will go out of business.

LC Loan Issuance by Quarter – An investor shares a chart on loan issuance by grade over time.

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