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UPDATE: Crypto Nexus Workshop in Edinburgh canceled

Editor’s Note: The Edinburgh event has been canceled.

The first Crypto Nexus Workshop is coming up on Sept. 20.

The event in Edinburgh is officially in partnership with the Scotland Fintech Festival.

The festival is a collection of crypto and fintech events from Sept. 15 to Oct. 6.

Read more about the workshop series, a brand new product from Fintech Nexus, here.

Without any guarantees, the hands-on experience aims to turn crypto newbies into know-it-alls.

Celebrating collective innovation

Founded in 2018, Scotland’s fintech festival showcased the growing innovation across the fintech cluster involving a diverse range of fintech leaders and organizations.

The theme of the 2022 festival, the fifth, is a celebration of the post-pandemic economic recovery.

Organizers said that growing collaboration throughout the UK had enabled progress, especially since the launch of a fintech Research & Innovation Roadmap project in March.

Fintech Scotland poster

The Fintech Festival opens Sept. 15 with the Annual fintech Summit at Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh. It concludes Oct. 6 with an evening of Fintech Awards recognizing the achievements of people and organizations across the fintech cluster.

Nicola Anderson, fintech Scotland Chief Executive, said this year the highlight would be the UK fintech Symposium held on the 22nd.

“The festival has grown each year, despite the pandemic, and for 2022 I’m looking forward to more in-person events,” Anderson said. “The four weeks is an ideal opportunity to share how collaborative innovation has a key role in addressing economic and social challenges.”

The symposium will bring regional fintech companies, government ministers, regulators, and leading fintech innovation influencers. Stephen Ingledew, fintech Scotland chairman and host of the UK fintech Assembly, said regulation and innovation is a team activity.

“The festival will celebrate how fintech is very much a ‘team’ activity and how this UK collaborative approach to innovation is fueling sustainable growth and job creation as well as a positive social impact to benefit all UK regions and communities,” he said.

Fintech Scotland is a nonprofit trade group established between financial service members, universities, and Uk government officials. The goal is to leverage economic and social benefits and to encourage innovation in fin services.

Cryptocurrency experts gather in Edinburgh

Within a handful of hours, crypto newcomers will learn to possess, transact, and build using cryptocurrencies on the most popular platforms and learn of the opportunities to use crypto tech within their organization.

Each session and season acts as an incubator community; every attendee will become a member of the Crypto Nexus Discord. It’s a professional networking and collaborative community by design.

Attendees can expect to tackle:

  • Blockchain basics: Explaining layer 1 and layer 2
  • Essential Web3 concepts
  • How to transact on the blockchain: an introduction to wallets
  • Why ether is known as programmable money
  • Network security: Keeping you and your money safe
  • Leading DeFi protocols and what problems they solve
  • Blockchain superpowers: the magic of NFTs
  • How to manage reporting and taxes
  • The future of work: Intro to governance, coordination, and DAOs

After a full day of crypto schooling, the curriculum will break down into a happy hour with cocktails and open networking to close.

Coming to a city near you

Tour dates for the workshop across the UK and the U.S. are stacked around Crypto and Fintech Nexus events, where industry and experts will already be in town. Dates and locations for season one are listed below, and each workshop will have two days to choose from:

  • Sept. 20, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Oct. 19, London, after the Fintech Nexus Merge conference
  • Oct. 28, NYC, days before the Web3 Summit
  • Nov. 8, San Francisco, a couple of days after ETH San Francisco
  • Dec. 12, Miami, during Fintech Nexus Latin American
Crypto Nexus poster
Coming to a city near you

Beta tester testimonial

After the first test cohort, which met just before the Fintech Nexus USA conference in NYC, attendees said the experience was tremendous and shockingly informative.

Wade Peery, CIO at FirstBank, said it was a great litmus test for Web3 knowledge.

“The Crypto Nexus workshop provides a well-rounded view of the DeFi ecosystem and includes hands-on real-time learning activities that bring the experience to life,” Wade Peery, Chief Innovations Officer, FirstBank, said. “A great way to expand or test one’s knowledge of decentralized finance.”


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