Blipay raises $6.7 million to expand salary anticipation platform

As the year progresses, Brazil continues to lead the way in fintech startups in Latin America. Recently, fintech company Blipay raised $6.7 million from SRM Ventures.

According to the Brazilian company, the funds raised should allow it to expand its credit line in the payroll anticipation sector — where it seeks to become a relevant player.

The company’s forecast is to expand its services to serve 300,000 clients in the next two years and diversify the product offering to other categories.

The fintech created in 2022 pioneered salary anticipation using Open Finance in Brazil.

Expanding services in Brazil’s growing salary anticipation market

In a statement, Felipe Ziliotti, Founder and CEO of Blipay, affirms that even though it was born the previous year, “the operation already brings good fruits.” “Our platform has a very high recurrence,” he says, “which allows us to create strong ties with our customers and distribute new products.”

“With this new partnership, we have everything to fly higher. We want to continue to innovate and expand our customer base. This year will be challenging for most fintechs, and being capitalized is key to gaining market share,” says Rodrigo Nakaura, Co-founder of Blipay.

Felipe Ziliotti, founder and CEO of Blipay.
Felipe Ziliotti, founder and CEO of Blipay.

Blipay has already received funding from Flash Ventures, a German fund that acts as the pre-seed investment arm of the giant Global Founders Capital (GFC).

The salary anticipation sector has grown exponentially in Brazil, with dozens of companies entering this market in 2022 alone. And it is precisely this sector that attracts SRM, whose investment will be fully allocated to Blipay’s native product.

“Even new to the market, Blipay impressed us with its operation, technology, and founding team. We analyzed the fintech very well and realized the great potential it has. We want to help the company offer this product and stimulate this expanding market in Brazil,” says André Szapiro, Head of SRM Ventures.

Using Open Finance to speed credit underwriting process

With Blipay’s technology, which uses Open Finance to obtain detailed financial data from customers who choose to share it, users can decide how much of their salaries they would like to receive and transfer the amount to the account immediately via PIX, selecting the best date to pay the anticipation within 30 days.

According to the company, instant access to Open Finance data allows Blipay’s credit review process to take less than a minute. With all data extracted directly from other customers’ bank accounts instantly, Blipay can streamline its credit underwriting process.


SRM Ventures is a Venture Capital focused on fintechs, part of the SRM group, a company specializing in receivables investment funds (FIDCs). Recently launched in the market, Venture Capital intends to have 20 to 25 finance startups in its portfolio of investees by the end of the first quarter of 2023.

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