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Welcome to Fintech Nexus News.

This site began back in 2010 when the founder, Peter Renton, started writing about peer-to-peer lending. Peter was passionate about this new industry, investing his own money and writing about his experiences at Lend Academy.

After building a loyal following, readers began asking Peter about starting a conference. In 2013 LendIt was born when Peter was approached serendipitously by his fellow LendIt co-founders. The LendIt Conference series took off, and today, there are successful conferences in three countries: the USA, UK, and China.

Peter’s team built Lend Academy into the leading resource for news and analysis of the online lending space while, at the same time, LendIt became the leading fintech conference brand. In 2016 LendIt launched LendIt Fintech News, a daily news service covering all the important fintech news.

In 2018 the brands combined to form LendIt Fintech News, Powered by Lend Academy. In 2022, we rebranded to Fintech Nexus News to better reflect the growth and diversity in the fintech space.

We cover every important story in fintech daily and bring you in-depth editorials. We also have two great podcasts: the longest-running one-on-one interview show in fintech (since 2013) hosted by Peter Renton and the first fintech podcast focused on startups, hosted by Todd Anderson.

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